Officials - South East

Officials - South East

Officials are vital to competition in athletics. We have many dedicated officials across the South East and the organization, support and running of the South East region’s officials is a joint effort involving England Athletics and the 6 County Officials' Secretaries.

The South East region works closely with the South of England Athletics Officials' Association (SEAOA), promoting and encouraging the participation in officiating including workshops, social evenings, forums, development days and conferences.

Officials' courses

Your local England Athletics Education Coordinators manage and coordinate a comprehensive programme of Assistant Official and Level 1 courses. If there is demand, you can request a course to be held locally.  UK Athletics (UKA) deliver Level 4 and the Competition Management Award courses.

Record of Experience Forms, Reports and Upgrading

Your completed Official's Record of Experience (RoE) form (also known previously as the Duty Sheet or The Officials' Worksheet) is due on 30th September each year.  The form can be used to record officiating at competition (C), attendance at meetings (M), attendance at training in which you were the learner (L) and training for which you were the tutor (T), and it's much easier to fill it in as you go throughout the year.

In the South East, track and field RoE for Level 3 (previously 2c) officials goes to David Vidler, and endurance RoE should be put onto a separate form and sent to Nick Folwell In each case, It would be useful to copy in your COfSec - County Officials' Secretary (listed below).  Upgrading reports are reviewed by the Tri-Regions group which will consider upgradings and nominations for national meetings.

The South East representatives appointed by the Regional council to the Tri-Regional group are:

  • Field: James Townend
  • Track: Malcolm Charlish
  • Timekeeping: Alan Vincent
  • Starter / Marksman: John Freeman
  • Photofinish: Barbara Abbott

South East regional County Officials' Secretaries (COfSecs)

Berkshire: Jill Wright 01344 885475
Buckinghamshire: John How 01494 785623
Oxfordshire: Alan Vincent 01295 720809
Hampshire: Eileen & Terry Williams 01252 664455
Kent: Gill Freeman
Maureen Fletcher
01322 402476
01424 855638
Surrey: Peter Crawshaw 01737 761626
Sussex: Peter Kennedy
Availability: John Linfield
07808 033532
01903 814685

Endurance Officials contacts

Endurance Officials Coordinator Graham Jessop  
Tri-regional endurance secretary: South Nick  Folwell  
Tri-regional endurance peer groups: South East
Graham Jessop  

Your Endurance COfSec may differ from the Track and Field COfSec - click here for full COfSec listing.