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Up and Running for mental health and wellbeing

Hambleton's Up and Running scheme consisted of an eight week running and social programme to people receiving secondary mental health care. The scheme was created and delivered by mental health professional Glen Hilton, and Hambleton District Council Development Officer David Earl - who offered support, advice and guidance on the positive mental health benefits of running in addition to providing a health programme and nutritional advice.

Event Group Coach - completing the qualification

The final element of the Event Group Coach qualification is the 'Integration Day', which provides coaches with an opportunity to discuss and debate their coaching ideas, technical observations and principals of planning. Essentially the Integration Day brings to life the theoretical content that is covered in the qualification’s online modules. We have opportunities in the coming weeks for people to complete their integration days.

What's On

Physical Preparation - mobility, movement and performance (Castleford)

Focussing on how athletes can improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance, this workshop builds on the content in the England Athletics Movement Skills workshop. This workshop looks at movement assessment and interventions including use of foam rollers, hurdle mobility and coordination drills and strength training progressions.

The Hut, Airedale Business Centre, Kershaw Ave, Castleford WF10 3ES

Youth Development - how to make the most of Athletics 365 (Barton-Upon-Humber)

Make effective use of the award-winning Athletics 365 resources with your athletes. Ideal for Coaching Assistants, Athletics Coaches, those new to Athletics 365 and/or youth development and experienced practitioners wishing to refresh and consolidate their knowledge.

Baysgarth School, 67 Barrow Road, Barton-Upon-Humber DN18 6AE

Movement Skills Workshop: Part 2 - run, jump, throw (Castleford)

Day two of a workshop on how to develop the movement skills which will enable your athletes to move more quickly and efficiently, generate greater force and reduce the risks of injury.  This workshop is for coaches working with athletes who are club level through to aspiring to international level.

The Hut, Airedale Business Centre, Kershaw Ave, Castleford WF10 3ES

Marathon Preparation Evening (Leeds)

For coaches and athletes working towards the Performance Marathon Group times. Ideal for coaches looking to develop coaching knowledge in the marathon and Good For Age (GFA) marathon runners. The evenings will include key speakers and discussion groups talking through practical experiences of marathon preparation.

Room - G14, Headingley Campus, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, LS6 3QS