Officials - North West

Officials - North West

Athletics meetings could not take place without officials. In the North, we work to support our existing officials whilst also looking to encourage new officials into the sport. We recognise that officials are essential for both our athletes and sport to continue to develop, with this in mind we are currently planning official’s education courses, mentoring and other ways of supporting the backbone of the competitive sport.

The North West region works closely the Northern Athletics Officials' Association, promoting and encouraging the participation in officiating including workshops, social evenings, forums, development days and conferences.

Officials' courses

Your local England Athletics Education Coordinators manage and coordinate a comprehensive programme of Assistant Official and Level 1 courses. If there is demand, you can request a course to be held locally.  UK Athletics (UKA) deliver Level 4 and the Competition Management Award courses.

Record of Experience Forms, Reports and Upgrading

Your completed Official's Record of Experience (RoE) form (also known previously as the Duty Sheet or The Officials' Worksheet) is due on 30th September each year.  The form can be used to record officiating at competition (C), attendance at meetings (M), attendance at training in which you were the learner (L) and training for which you were the tutor (T), and it's much easier to fill it in as you go throughout the year.

Level 1 and 2 officials should send their Annual Record of Experience to Paul Yates (Tri Regional Officials Secretary) at with a copy to their COfSec.  Level 3 should also send to Paul Yates with a copy to UKA using the email address circulated directly to them.  It is far easier filling this in as an ongoing exercise as the year progresses rather than leaving it until the end. The form can be downloaded on the national officials' page.

In the North West, RoE for Level 3 (previously 2c) officials goes to Moira Gallagher (upgrading secretary) at  It would be useful to copy in your COfSec - County Officials' Secretary (listed below).  Upgrading reports are reviewed by the Tri-Regions group which will consider upgradings and nominations for national meetings.

The North West representatives appointed by the Regional council to the Tri-Regional group are:

  • Field: Dean Williams
  • Track: Finlay Galloway
  • Timekeeping: Ron Scott
  • Starter/Marksman: David Brown
  • Photofinish: Margaret Rushton

North West County Officials' Secretaries (COfSecs) 

Cheshire: Alan Morris
07885 985172
Cumbria: John Driscoll
07974 015751
Greater Manchester: David Brown
0161 969 5547
Isle of Man: Bridget Kaneen
Lancashire: Jim Kerrigan
01282 861518
Merseyside: Ron Scott
01704 566995

Endurance Officials contacts

Endurance Officials Coordinator Graham Jessop  
Tri-regional endurance secretary: North Pat Green  
Tri-regional endurance peer groups: North West
Shaun O’Donnell  

Your Endurance COfSec may differ from the Track and Field COfSec - click here for full COfSec listing.