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The Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) works in a wide variety of areas providing open forums for discussion and organising events and competitions to help with the development of young athletes. The AAA has also taken on the role of safeguarding the history of the sport and awards its historic and valuable trophies to elite athletes.

Every year the AAA supports events across the country for young athletes with the aim of using these initiatives to build enthusiasm and to help in the development of young athletes.  There are 4 Tom Pink Relay (a multi disciplinary event for U13s) meetings in England and the Simultaneous Marathon (where 11 -13s working in teams complete a marathon; each child running 200m stints) event.

The AAA are also involved and have supported training days, workshops and materials for teachers and coaches working with younger athletes. The AAA work with England Athletics to promote and organise relay competitions for schools and clubs to increase participation and encourage more athletes to try relays and improve technique. The long term aim is to improve the British performance in relay events.

The AAAs meet regularly and it is an open forum for discussion between the 3 areas, North, Midlands and South about every aspect of the athletics scene with contributions from representatives of Cross Country, Road Running and from independent representatives within the sport.

The AAA also support the ‘Standards’ by awarding badges and certificates to youngsters who’ve achieved standards in their discipline. We support the work of AAA Charity for the Young, which has its own board of trustees, giving small grants to young athletes helping them in the early stages of their careers.


Documents relating to the AGM are available for download on the right hand side of this page.

Tom Pink Relays

In 2007 the AAA received a generous bequest from the late Alice and Lewis Pink, to fund children’s activities in memory of their son who was tragically killed in an accident in the early 1970’s. After discussions with the Pink family, the AAA agreed to use the money to fund a series of children’s events in support of and leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The event is supported by England Athletics and local Athletics Associations.

Relay races include trying to beat the times of some of our great distance runners with “Keeping up with Paula”, “Chasing Kelly” and “Chasing Steve.” On the field, Sportshall activities such as weight throw for height, caber toss, shot put, standing log and triple jump, highland steps and soft javelin are performed.

The Amateur Athletic Association believes the Tom Pink Relays provide a very important introduction for youngsters to be involved in competition at an early stage of their lives. The Tom Pink initiative, has brought much fun and enjoyment already to over 4,000 children and the popularity of the event goes from strength to strength.

Young Athlete Grant Scheme

The AAA has a fund which is able to support English Athletes under the age of 23 who are in full time education and active in athletics.  Applicants should not be receiving other funding and be eligible to compete for England.

Click here for a downloadable version of the Athletics for the Young Grant Application form (PDF 100kB). It is possible to apply for funds for costs including equipment and travel. Applications close each year in February (successful applicants will be contacted shortly afterwards).

Any queries about this scheme, please contact Katie:

AAA Standards Awards Scheme

The agreement reached in 1996 between representatives of the AAA of England and the Celtic Countries in respect of the recognition of common Track and Field Standards essentially remains in force. The performances listed hereunder apply to all British Athletics, irrespective of whether any Country intends, or not, to make Certificates and/or Badges available to their athletes.

With the advent of databases of performances it has been decided to completely revise the standards tables every two years and to introduce standards for events which appear in the Power of 10 database. The method of revising the tables has been to look at the total number of performances recorded in the database and to try to pitch the standards such that the top 7.5% of performances would attain a grade 1 standard; the top 15% of performances a grade 2 standard; the top 30% a grade 3 standard; the top 65% a grade 4 standard. Some events have not been included due to there being insufficient data on which to base a realistic standard, i.e. performances by less than 50 individuals.

The Standards for Senior athletes are for guidance only as there are no badges available for that age group.

The performance to be recognised must be achieved in the actual category of competition at:

  1. National, Territorial and County Championships
  2. All Young Athletes and other League competitions, Open Meetings and Inter-Club Trophy Meetings
  3. Other approved meetings
  4. ESAA National, Regional and County Championships

The Standards set for all field events in each age group are based on the use of the implement weights and specifications as detailed under UK Athletics Rules. Standards may be obtained for ALL Indoor Events additional to the 60m and 60m Hurdles using the relevant outdoor tables. Standards may be obtained in each or every single event contained within any Combined Event competition.

Please Note:

Due to the lack of competition last year (2020) the standards have not been changed and the 2019-20 tables will remain in force for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. In effect this will be until 1st April 2023. Due to rising costs, we have regrettably had to increase the price of the badges to £4 each

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