Starter / Starter's Assistant

The level 1 Starter/Starter’s Assistant course is an entry level qualification on the UK Athletics Track & Field Officials’ pathway.

This 3 hour, practical course will introduce candidates to the key roles and responsibilities of race starters/assistants, including how to implement relevant rules of a race start, correct positioning and clarity of starters instructions/signals.

Who should go on this course?

Anyone aged 16+ who is interested in ensuring athletes are ‘ready’ for the start and ensuring all athletes have a fair and even start to a race.

Under 16? Click here to find out more about the Assistant Track and Field Officials’ course

What will I learn?

  • Understand and implement the appropriate rules for the start procedure of all races
  • Know the correct positions for Starters and Starter’s Assistants for all races
  • Describe/Understand the Voice and clarity of instructions/signals
  • Describe/Understand Health and Safety issues associated with a Starter/Starter’s Assistant

Is there an assessment?

There isn’t an assessment but after the course candidates need to complete at least 4 competition experiences. If you only want to be a starters assistant then only 4 experiences in this area are required. If you wish to be a starter then you need to complete 4 experiences as a starter’s assistant and 4 experiences as a starter. Candidates must have completed the Health & Safety course for Officials as well.

What do I do after the course?

  • It is essential you complete a DBS. For guidance on this please click here.
  • Ensure there is a passport quality photograph added to your myAthletics profile (head shot on a white background).
  • Complete a minimum of 4 experiences for Level 1.
  • Complete the Level 1 Application for Accreditation.
  • Send your completed Level 1 Application for Accreditation to
  • For more information on progressing through the Officials Pathway please click here.

Health & Safety Online

This FREE online course should be completed for anyone training to become a Track and Field Athletics Official. The course will need to be completed before a licence can be issued at Level 1. The course will need to be undertaken by officials every three years.

Duration: The course will typically take around 90 minutes to complete with a multi choice assessment exercise upon competition. Note: To complete the course candidates will need to achieve a pass mark of 75% or above.

For more details on the Health & Safety module please click here