Event Adjudicators

All UKA / runbritain licensed road races are scrutinised by an Event Adjudicator to ensure compliance with licence standards.

Post-race, Event Adjudicators send a report to a Regional Panel who will note the contents and contact the race organiser if there are any issues. To ensure objectivity, the Event Adjudicator should not be part of the race organisation.

If you are interested in this role then please go to the runbritain website and login to the site and click on the green “event adjudicators” tab underneath the welcome message. Here you will find details and a series of FAQ’s on the role.

Please complete and submit the online questionnaire. This will be processed and you will be asked to complete an online test to determine whether you have the required knowledge and experience.

When you become an Event Adjudicator runbritain can arrange through the Regional Chair for you to be shadowed by an experienced Event Adjudicator for your first events if you wish.