Assistant Track and Field Official

Who should go on this course?

Anyone aged 14 or over interested in gaining an insight and introduction to the key areas of officiating that will enable them to assist at track and field meetings under the supervision of a qualified UKA Technical Official.

What will I learn?

Delivered as a single workshop of four hours in six sections with both theoretical and practical elements covering:

  • The responsibilities and role of an Assistant Official
  • Measuring and recording times and distance
  • Making, sharing and recording judgements
  • Ensuring safety and reporting concerns
  • Communicating with athletes and other officials
  • Following procedures and applying basic rules

Next steps

After completing the course candidates will need to:

  • Gain experience by attending a minimum of two athletics meetings assisting a qualified Official.
  • Complete the Experience Log on the Application Form detailing each meeting.  (These experiences can also be gained at schools’ athletics meetings.)
  • Undertake a DBS check, if aged 16 or over, or if under 16 make a Self Declaration.
  • Complete the online Safeguarding in Athletics course if aged 16 or over.*

An Assistant Officials’ Licence will then be issued.

*Safeguarding course must be completed from 1 April 2022 if not yet licensed. From 1 July licensed officials will be required to complete the safeguarding course at the point of re-licencing. Click to find out more on the UK Athletics website.

How can I request a course?

Please contact

England Athletics will provide the tutor, all course administration, and resources for each candidate.  All we ask of you is to supply the venue and equipment detailed below:

  • Classroom or meeting room with digital projector and screen, flipchart and pens
  • Indoor/outdoor activity area
  • Stopwatches and measuring tapes (one between two candidates)
  • Relay batons, javelin (actual or soft-play), shot put / balls
  • High jump stands and bar
  • Long jump pit / mat plus rake and take-off board