We’re delighted to see Physical Literacy Consensus Statement for England published

The statement, issued by Sport England will help those working in the sport, education, physical activity, recreation, play, health, and youth sectors.

It has been developed to facilitate a shared understanding of how our relationship with sport and physical activity changes over our lifetime and is shaped by our experiences and opportunities to be active.

Physical literacy is our relationship with movement and physical activity throughout life. The statement offers a broad overview of physical literacy, why it matters, and how it can be developed and supported.

Tracey Francis, funetics programme manager commenting on the statement said:

“funetics is about developing fundamental movement skills – running, jumping, and throwing. It is designed to help 4-11-year-old children to have fun in a safe and nurturing environment whilst getting active, and to build a healthy confident future for them.”

"We must ensure children and young people have positive experiences of sport and physical activity at an early age, so as to encourage a lifelong love of physical activity and to help them develop and reach their own potential."

Tim Hollingsworth, Sport England’s Chief Executive said:

"The consensus must be seen as one of the first steps in our efforts to promote positive experiences and lifelong participation for all children and young people, but particularly for those who face the greatest inequalities."