Weekly30 league table

The latest League Table of results for our Weekly30 Run Challenge (week 2) is now online! With group running and mass participation events currently restricted, the Weekly30 Run Challenge gives individuals a perfect incentive to run on a weekly basis whilst also proudly representing their club and their sport.

Once registered, participants complete their weekly 30 minute run at any time on a Saturday or Sunday and then upload evidence of their run to OpenTrack. Both total distance and average distance contributing to overall league tables.


Top of the league at the moment are: Running Club Littledown Harriers, and RunTogether group Notts Women Runners, plus indiviudals Martin Alvarez-Espinar (Thames Hare & Hounds), Laura Woodward (Waverley Harriers), Mark Hurst (Mad Runners) and Adele Bovingdon (Notts Women Runners/Team Mike Edwards). Special congratulations to Emma Caplan who is Head of Marketing at our partners Runderwear - currently 2nd placed woman!

Running Clubs

  1. Littledown Harriers
  2. Southport Strollers
  3. Waverley Harriers

RunTogether groups

  1. Notts Women Runners
  2. Fitmums & Friends
  3. Mad Runners

Individual Men

  1. Martin Alvarez-Espinar (Thames Hare & Hounds) 9090m
  2. Keith Shapland (Bideford AAC) 9060m
  3. Matthew Shapland (Aberdare Valley) 8480m

Individual Women

  1. Laura Woodward (Waverley Harriers) 7790m
  2. Emma Caplan (Runderwear) 7640m
  3. Nikki Sandell (Bournemouth AC) 7270m

RunTogether Men

  1. Mark Hurst (Mad Runners) 7035m
  2. Ronnie Irwin (Mad Runners) 7030m
  3. John Walker (Fitmums & Friends)  6746m

RunTogether Women

  1. Adele Bovingdon (Notts Women Runners/Team Mike Edwards) 6330m
  2. Catherine Marriott (Team Mike Edwards) 5841m
  3. Jackie Harris (Heathfield Park Runners) 5714m

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