Update relating to British Champs and European Trials rescheduling

A message for athletes, coaches and clubs:

You will be aware that British Athletics recently announced the rescheduling of the British Championships and European Trials to the weekend of 8-9 August at Manchester, should there be an opportunity to recommence competition during this outdoor season.

The date was selected in coordination with the World Athletics Global Calendar Unit with a view to provide a new National Championships weekend, and also provide some clarity of timescales for senior athletes and coaches potentially challenging for team places in the still-scheduled European Championships on 25-30 August.

It is, however, important to note that there are currently no changes to training and coaching guidelines beyond those given out and we would ask all athletes and coaches to please adhere to the recommendations that have been published by PHE, the Government and the athletics governing bodies. Athletes and coaches will recognise that the situation is constantly changing, and we will endeavour to inform all about any changes to competitions and guidelines as soon as is practicable.

As a result, England Athletics are exploring if the England U17 and U15 Combined Events Championships – which were due to be held in Manchester on the same dates – can secure a new venue and discussing with technical officials the feasibility of staging two Championships on the same weekend, at the current time.

Finally, British Athletics and the Home Countries will continue to work with competition partners and each other to ensure that athletes have a comprehensive and progressive competition schedule, allowing for local, regional and national competition depending on how much time is available post ‘lockdown’ or any other restrictions that may impact on the end of the summer.


Martin Rush
Donna Fraser