Upcoming courses for endurance Technical Officials

Endurance officials work at all Licenced, off-track races across England. The number of off-track races each year is currently at an all time high, with over 3,400 licenced road races alone being licenced in England this year. More Endurance officials are now needed to keep up with this increased demand and support each licenced race across the country.

England Athletics are running one day, classroom-based courses for those interested in becoming an Endurance Official.  It which will allow participants to work at any off-track races under the supervision of a qualified endurance official, with a view to becoming a qualified technical official..

The role of the Endurance Official

The role of an Endurance Official varies greatly, some of the key duties include;

  • Pre-Race Registration Duties
  • Assisting with the setting out a start / finish area pre-race
  • Start Line assisting / assembling Athletes
  • Course Marshalling
  • Marshalling Crossing Points
  • Marshalling at Road Junctions
  • Assisting with the judging / recording at a race finish or equivalent
  • Stewarding / Marshalling at finish or operating a finishing funnel
  • Timekeeper Recording

The course

The Level 1 Endurance course includes;

  • How endurance officials operate at road and cross-country races
  • The requisite skills to be an endurance official
  • Knowledge and application of the rules of the sport
  • Working knowledge of the start, course and finish of an endurance event
  • The tools to do the job
  • Risk assessment: reasons why, practical considerations
  • Endurance Officials progression information
  • Roles that an endurance official may be asked to do including;
    o    Sector Marshall
    o    Race Referee
    o    Start Director and Finish Director
    o    Course Director
    o    Judging and Recorder


Course dates

  • 11 November at Gateshead
  • 24 November at Portsmouth

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