Throws Fest selection policy published

England Athletics Selection Policy for England Throws Camp’s Throws Fest takes place at Moulton College (Northamptonshire) on 3 and 4 September 2022.

England Athletics will select a team of of U23s, U20s and U18s throws athletes - up to 20 athletes with maximum of 3 male and 3 female athletes per event, per age group. This reflects the aim of getting representatives across all event groups and disciplines at all age group and senior major events and international teams.

To maximise the opportunity for athletes to learn about championship competition, they will have the chance to compete on Saturday in a simulated qualification competition with a maximum of 3 throws and again on Sunday in a simulated final with a maximum of 6 throws.

Head of Coaching and Athlete Development Martin Rush said,

"The ETC Throws Festival is a great concept and opportunity to support the competitive development of throws athletes.  England Athletics is keen to support initiatives which meet the needs of athletes as they progress through their athletics careers and promoting representative opportunities is a key part of England’s commitment to developing athletes and coaches.  I wish all the selected athletes, their coaches and the event organisers a successful weekend."

Expression of Interest

All athletes wishing to be selected for the ETC Throws Fest must express their interest in competing via the online form prior to selection date (Sunday 14 August), especially if they are unable to get an opportunity to throw the U18 weight implement in a permitted event.

The final team will be announced no later than Friday 19 August.


(Set with age group weight implement)

Under 23

U23 Men Women
SP 17.00 15.50
DT 56.00 49.00
HT 67.00 61.00
JT 70.00 51.00

Under 20

U20 Men Women
SP 17.50 14.50
DT 53.00 47.00
HT 67.00 57.00
JT 67.00 48.00

Under 18

U18 Men Women
SP 17.50 15.00
DT 53.00 44.00
HT 67.00 59.00
JT 67.00 48.00