Throws cage safety update

In October last year UKA announced changes in throws cage specification that were being introduced following a safety review.

The announcement outlined the new safety guidance and phased approach for venues being contacted and needing to ensure that their facility complies with the new specification.

Previously venues categorised as Priority 1 venues have been contacted. This week the venue operators for those facilities that are Priority 2 (just over 130 facilities) have been contacted with details of what they need to do.

Note that this has been sent to the venue operators, and not the clubs using facilities, unless they also manage their facility.

From April 2020 (next year) they will need to demonstrate that their cage(s) is compliant with the new specification in order to gain a licence for any competitions that include hammer, discus or weight throw.

Click here if you wish to download the full UKA Throws Cage Specification & Safety Guidance from the UKA website.