The big 3-0

The Weekly30 Run Challenge gives runners a perfect incentive to run on a weekly basis whilst also proudly representing their club, running group and their sport. You’ll be competing against an online community of other runners from across the country - the competition will be fierce and the pride of your club and sport is at stake! We need you…So, are you ready to pull on your running shoes and represent your club and your sport?  Every runner counts – click here to register, then spread the word and get ready to rise to the Weekly30 Run Challenge.

30: On the track

Paula Radcliffe has the European record for 10,000m, clocking 30:01.09, while the first man to crack that barrier was Taisto Mäki with 29:52.6 in 1939. Maki was one of the Flying Finns, so famous in that era.

30: Flat out

Not quite, but Usain Bolt has hit 27.8mph. Who knows, with the wind behind him, in training? Could be he’s hit 30!

30: Hot stuff

The good news is that you can run in that temperature; but you must hydrate effectively and you should expect to run slower as performance reduces by about around 10-15 per cent.

30: Perfection

Run at 30 seconds per mile slower than your best pace for 30 minutes 30 times a year and you have the perfect plan for improving your training (as long as you do the other bits!)