Teams announced for indoor competitions at Bratislava and Vienna 2016

Teams have now been announced for the first two meetings of our now annual three-stop indoor track and field European Tour. These events are excellent development opportunities for both athletes and team management alike and the groups contains a mixture of experiences.

The first event of the indoor track and field European Tour will be in Vienna on 30th January, followed by Bratislava the following day and Linz on the 12th February.

This is the sixth year that an England team have been sent to gain international competition experiences.


  • 60m: Dannish Walker-Khan (Club: Birchfield H/LIU Brooklyn, Coach: Linford Christie), Louise Bloor (Club: Trafford/Loughborough Students/Rotherham, Coach: Toni Minicheillo), Kyle De Escofet (Club: Birchfield, Coach: Andy Paul), Nicola Gilbert (Club: Enfield & Haringey, Coach: Martey Newman)
  • 200m: Christopher Stone (Club: Bristol & West, Coach: Daniel Cossins), Richard Strachan (Club: Trafford, Coach: Chris Zah), Kristie Edwards (Club: Sheffield & Dearne, Coach: Veronica Boden)
  • 400m: Sebastian Rodger (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet, Coach: Stephen King), Mary Iheke (Club: Kingston & Pol, Coach: Christine Bowmaker), Michael Warner (Club: Newham & Essex Beagles/Nottingham Trent Uni, Coach: Michael Baker), Amy Allcock (Club: Aldershot, Farnham & District/Loughborough Students, Coach: Nick Dakin)
  • 800m: Jamie Webb (Club: Liverpool H/Manchester Metropolitan Uni, Coach: Adrian Webb) Emma Jackson (Club: City Of Stoke, Coach: Neil Jackson), Adelle Tracey (Club: Guildford & Godalming/St. Mary's Uni, Coach: Craig Winrow)
  • 1500m: Robbie Fitzgibbon (Club: Brighton Phoenix, Coach: Jon Bigg, Nick Goolab (Club: Belgrave, Coach: Craig Winrow)
  • Pole Vault: Rachel Gibbens (Club: Marshall Milton Keynes, Coach: self)
  • Long Jump: Dan Gardiner (Club: Sheffield & Dearne/Leeds Beckett Uni, Coach: Mike Stayman)
  • Triple Jump: Julian Reid (Club: Birchfield, Coach: Aston Moore), Daniel Lewis (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet, Coach: Frank Attoh)
  • High Jump: Beth Partridge (Club: Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni, Coach: Aston Moore)
  • Shot: Scott Lincoln (Club: City of York, Coach Paul Wilson)

Team Manager: Alison Potts, Andy Day
Team Coaches: Garry Power (throws), Stephen King (sprints), Andy Anderson (endurance), Jennifer Neal (jumps)
Physios: Jemma Oliver, Rosie Rinker

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  • 60m: Elliott Dowson-Hurley (Club: Sheffield & Dearne/Leeds Beckett Uni, Coach: Matt Barton), Rebekah Wilson (Club: Sale Harriers Manchester, Coach: Vincente Modahl), Rebecca Campsall (Club: City of York/Sheffield Uni, Coach: Lewis Samuel)
  • 800m: Dominic Walton (Club: Rossendale/Sheffield Hallam Uni, Coach: John Wood), Leah Barrow (Club: Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Birmingham Uni, Coach: Trevor Painter)
  • 1500m: Canaan Solomon (Club: Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Harlow AC, Coach: Richard Thurston), Sarah McDonald (Club: Birchfield H/Birmingham Uni, Coach: Bud Baldaro), Michael Wilsmore (Club: Bristol & West/Plymouth Uni/Tamar, Coach: Graeme Riley), Louise Webb (Club: Southampton/Lamar Uni, Coach: Bud Baldaro)
  • 60m Hurdles: Gabriel Obujobi (Club: Sale Harriers Manchester/Leeds Uni, Coach: Tony Jarrett), Zara Hohn (Club: Sheffield & Dearne/East London Uni, Coach: Paul Hohn), Jake Porter (Club: Birchfield H/Wolverhampton Uni, Coach: Andy Paul)--
  • 5K Walk: Tom Bosworth (Club: Tonbridge/Leeds Beckett Uni, Coach: Andi Drake), Emma Achurch (Club: Leicester WC, Coach: Steve Arnold), Callum Wilkinson (Club: Enfield & Haringey, Coach: Mick Graham)
  • Triple Jump: Nathan Fox (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet/Brunel Uni, Coach: Frank Attoh), Sineade Gutzmore (Club: Birchfield H, Coach: Aston Moore), Naomi Ogbeta (Club: Trafford, Coach: Tom Cullen)

Team Managers: Sarah Friday, Graham Pilkington
Team Coaches: David Lowes (endurance), Harry King (sprints), Zachary Kerin (jumps)
Physio: Stephen Bramson

You can download a timetable here - note Bratislava time is one hour ahead of UK time.

LIve streaming available on Sunday afternoon at