Team Spirit Champions bring bigger smiles to the faces of your volunteers

Before Christmas, we held pilot sessions for our brand-new Team Spirit Champions training. Team Spirit Champions help clubs and groups to create greater experiences for volunteers, make it easier for volunteers to carry out their roles, and easier for new people to get involved. Here is a flavour of what our attendees had to say about the pilot session:

"I found the session really enlightening,” said Chris from the Yate session. "And I see recruitment and retention of club volunteers differently having attended this session. Being able to discuss challenges and how to overcome them with other people in my area was really useful. Assuming my committee agree, I think I have some actions I can take forward to improve things immediately!”

Simon from the Trafford session agreed: "I think the reasons for volunteering and the volunteering principles we discussed makes me feel more comfortable asking others to participate. It gives me some assurance that others will have their own reasons to help and some ideas of how to make it inviting and sustainable. We managed to create a list of volunteering opportunities which are now on display on our noticeboard and online. Perhaps more importantly, I found out one of the lads in my training group is quite keen to volunteer, and he's already helped write a race report."

Funded by Spirit of 2012, these free-to-attend sessions are taking place nationwide throughout March. These fast-paced, interactive sessions will send you back to your club with plenty of ideas to bring bigger smiles to the faces of the people that make our sport happen: you, the volunteers!

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