Stoke College leads the way in roll-out of leading funetics certificate

Students from Stoke College took their first steps in their volunteer leadership in sports journey, as they participated in a practical workshop as part of the leading funetics’ certificate.

Sixteen students studying different sports courses will now take part in a six-week programme with Stoke Athletics Club at Northwood Stadium, supporting the club's coaches in the delivery of funetics to their junior section.

"They've shown a strong interest in volunteering to support young people in the local community through helping to lead fun athletics sessions. They're the start of a national roll-out of this innovative leadership programme."

David Marsh, Lecturer at Stoke College

Learning and delivering fundamental movement skills

Students learned how running, jumping and throwing - the fundamental movement skills - are the foundations of children’s enjoyment of and progression in many sports: the sports they themselves are experiencing.

Students engaged in both classroom and practical sessions where they experienced supporting a coaching lead in the delivery of real funetics activities.

In the shoes of the youngsters

Students experienced the funetics programme as if they were the children participating when their fellow attendees were learning how to lead activities.

Their feedback was that having fun is pivotal to learning and developing, and children need to feel safe and supported - this would be a key part of their role as a leader. They also understood that running, jumping and throwing skills are the footprints for life.

Josh Martin was an attendee at the Leading funetics certificate workshop. He is a member of Stoke AC, and when asked why he attended said:

“My ambition is to work in sport, either as a personal fitness instructor or coach. I am a long distance runner at Stoke AC. I joined the club at the suggestion of a family member because I was having mental health challenges.

“I wanted to attend today’s course because I want to help the club to deliver athletics to more young people, and for those, we currently support, to help them have access to a variety of skills in a really fun way. This certificate shows I have a real interest in athletics and I have the potential to be a leader.”

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funetics is created by England Athletics to help 4-11 year old children across the country to learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing skills all year round, for a healthy confident future.