Startlists for 10,000m Championships unveiled

A fantastic night of 10,000m running is in prospect as the British Championships and England Championship, as well as the Olympic Trials and trails for the European Cup 10,000m are all held as part of the Highgate Harriers Night of the 10,000m PBs this Saturday.

There are fantastic line ups in both the men’s and women’s event which will provide the finale to the action as six races are held in total. We have picked out some of the names to watch in the championship races. Full details of the entries in the women’s championship race, men’s championship race, Race 4, Race 3, Race 2 and Race 1 are all available below.

Remember that it is completely free to go and watch the event held at Parliament Hill track with the first race starting at 5pm with the championships races at 8.15pm and 9pm. For those not able to attend Vinco will again be providing online video streaming of the event which will be available here and we will also be providing updates on Twitter @englandathletic.

The first two eligible British athletes past the post in the A races will be guaranteed a place at the Olympic Games, as long as they possess a valid qualifying mark of 28:00 for men and 32:15 for women.

Coaches and athletes should also consider making their way to the venue early to make the most of another free activity – there is an endurance seminar starting at 1pm which includes Charlie Spedding, Eamonn Martin, Nick Rose & Paul Evans. Click here for full details.

Ones to watch

Among the leading entries in the women’s championship event are:

  • Jo Pavey (Exeter Harriers, Gavin Pavey). The 42 year old who won the 2014 European title will be gunning for her fifth Olympics.
  • Linet Masai (Kenya). The 2009 world 10,000m champion, 2011 world champs bronze medallist
  • Kate Avery (Shildon AC, Tony Simmons). Her 31:41.44 clocking in 2015 was inside the Olympic qualifying time and makes her one to watch
  • Beth Potter (Victoria Park City Of Glasgow, Mick Woods). Currently the top ranked British athlete in 2016 with 32:03.45 in Palo Alto.
  • Mary Cullen (North Sligo AC). The Irish athlete ran 15:26.53 for 5,000 at Stanford earlier this year.
  • Krisztina Papp (Hungary). Ran 32:19.15 in Maia, Portugal, on 9 April
  • Lily Partridge (Aldershot Farnham & District). Ranked second in the UK in 2016 with her 32:34.97 in Maia. Lily is also the reigning ECCA National Cross Country Champion.
  • Sophie Duarte (France). Sophie ran 33:06 for 10K on the roads in 2015. She was 2013 European Champion at Cross Country
  • Salomé Rocha (Portugal, Senior). Has run 32:23.68 for 10,000m in Maia already this year.
  • Sabrina Mockenhaupt (Germany, Senior). Ran 32:40.80 for 10,000m on 7 May and 15:40.03 for 5,000m at Herzogenaurach. Sabrina was 2005 European Cross Country silver medallist.
  • Jessica Coulson (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior). In 2015 Jessica ran 32:41.59 for 10,000m
  • Katrina Wootton (Coventry Godiva Harriers, Senior). Clocked 33:07.93 in Palo Alto
  • Elinor Kirk (Swansea Harriers, Senior). Fifth ranked British athlete of 2016 so far with 33:16.74. Has a 2014 PB of 32:17.05.

In the men’s championship race the athletes to watch include:

  • Andy Vernon (Aldershot Farnham & District, Nic Bideau). Great calibre at this distance – he won silver in the 2014 European Championships at 10,000m as well as bronze at 5,000m. Andy ran 27:42.62 in Palo Alto last year.
  • Chris Thompson (Aldershot Farnham & District, Mark Rowland). Another athlete to have taken silver at the 10,000m in the European Champs – his came in 2010. Chris has a 2011 PB of 27:27.36.
  • Dewi Griffiths (Swansea Harriers, Kevin Evans). Dewi was second at this race in 2015 went on to take 9th at European 10,000m Cup. He has a PB of 28:48.59
  • Ross Millington (Stockport Harriers & AC, Steve Vernon). Ross currently lies top of UK rankings for 2016 with 28:38.88 in Pao Alto
  • Adam Hickey (Southend, Eamonn Martin). This winter saw Adam come second in both the UK CAU Inter Counties and English National this winter. He debuted at 10,000m in this event last year with 29.32.
  • Luke Caldwell (Dorking & Mole Valley, Nic Bideau). Luke has a PB of 28:29.61 and ran 28:45.82 this year at Palo Alto to lie second on the UK rankings for 2016.
  • Jonathan Hay (Aldershot Farnham & District, Mick Woods). The National XC Champion who also won the Southern XC title at the course at this venue. His current 10,000m PB is 30:29.07.
  • Ben Connor (Derby AC). Ran a new 5000m PB of 13:53.74 last weekend at BMC Grand Prix in Manchester. Has a 10,000m best of 29:18.62
  • Andy Maud (Highgate Harriers). Fourth in the ECCA National Cross Country and won the Spar Great Ireland Run in Dublin.
  • Mitch Goose (City Of Norwich AC, Tim Ash). Debut. Has a best of 13:34.41 for 5,000m.
  • Juan Antonio Pérez (Spain, Senior). Holds a 28:25.66 for 10,000m from last year

Full start lists

Women’s Championship Race 9pm

Linet Masai (Kenya, Senior)
Jo Pavey (Exeter Harriers, Master)
Kate Avery (Shildon AC, Senior)
Beth Potter (Victoria Park City Of Glasgow, Senior)
Mary Cullen (North Sligo AC, Senior)
Krisztina Papp (Hungary, Senior)
Lily Partridge (Aldershot Farnham & District, Senior)
Sophie Duarte (France, Senior)
Salomé Rocha (Portugal, Senior)
Sabrina Mockenhaupt (Germany, Senior)
Jessica Coulson (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Katrina Wootton (Coventry Godiva Harriers, Senior)
Lizzie Lee (Leevale AC, Senior)
Elinor Kirk (Swansea Harriers, Senior)
Lauren Deadman (Havering AC, Senior)
Jessica Andrews (Palamos AC, Senior)
Elle Vernon (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Charlotte Arter (Cardiff AAC, Senior)
Rebecca Murray (Bedford & County AC, U23)
Sonia Bejarano (Spain, Senior)
Judit Pla (Spain, Senior)
Sarah Inglis (Lothian Running Club, Senior)
Louise Small (Aldershot Farnham & District, Senior)
Juliet Potter (Charnwood A C, Senior)
Eleanor Davis (Newquay Road Runners, Senior)
Emma Clayton (Leeds City AC, Senior)
Claire Duck (Leeds City AC, Senior)
Jenny Nesbitt (Worcester AC, U23)
Carmen Martinez (Paraguay Marathon Club / New Balance, Senior)
Kate Hulls (Bristol & West AC, Senior)
Sophie Cowper (Lincoln Wellington AC, Senior)
Laura-Jane Day (Notts AC, Senior)
Emily Whitmore (Coventry Godiva Harriers, Senior)

Men’s Championship Race – 8.15pm

Andy Vernon (Aldershot Farnham & District, Senior)
Christopher Thompson (Aldershot Farnham & District, Senior)
Dewi Griffiths (Swansea Harriers, Senior)
Ross Millington (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Adam Hickey (Southend, Senior)
Luke Caldwell (Dorking & Mole Valley, Senior)
Jonathan Hay (Aldershot Farnham & District, Senior)
Ben Connor (Derby AC, Senior)
Andy Maud (Highgate Harriers, Senior)
Mitch Goose (City Of Norwich AC, Senior)
Juan Antonio Pérez (Spain, Senior)
Antonio Silva (Thames Valley Harriers (Portugal), Senior)
Jack Goodwin (Bedford & County AC , Senior)
David Nilsson (Högby IF, Sweden, Senior)
Orjan Gronnevig (Stavanger Friidrettsklubb, Norway, Senior)
Mick Clohisey (Raheny Shamrock AC, Senior)
Jonathan Thewlis (Notts AC, Senior)
Jack Morris (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Patrick Martin (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Graham Rush (Cheltenham & County Harriers, Senior)
Kevin Mulcaire (Ennis Track AC, U20 Men)
Kojo Kyereme (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers, Senior)
Peter Newton (Morpeth Harriers & AC, Senior)
Alastair Watson (Notts AC, Senior)
John Beattie (Newham & Essex Beagles AC, Senior)
Abel Tsegay (Invicta East Kent AC, U23 Men)
Mark Hanrahan (Leevale AC, Senior)

Race 4 -7.30pm

Mark Mitchell (Forres Harriers, Senior)
Mohamud Aadan (Thames Valley Harriers, Senior)
Carl Hardman (Salford Harriers & AC, Senior)
Alex Teuten (City Of Portsmouth AC, Senior)
Philip Wylie (Cheltenham & County Harriers, Senior)
Nicholas Torry (Serpentine Running Club, Senior)
Brian Maher (Kilkenny City Harriers AC, Senior)
Liam Brady (Tullamore Harriers AC, Senior)
Alex Wall-Clarke (Southampton AC, Senior)
Craig Ruddy (Belgrave Harriers, Senior)
Ethan Heywood (City Of Norwich AC, Senior)
Aaron Scott (Notts AC, Senior)
Shaun Antell (Bideford AAC, Senior)
Jonathan Glen (Inverclyde AC, U23 Men)
Dominic Shaw (New Marske Harriers Club, Senior)
Ian Hudspith (Morpeth Harriers & AC, Master)
Darragh Rennicks (Bohermeen AC, Senior)
Carl Avery (Morpeth Harriers & AC, Senior)
Aki Nummela (Finland, Senior)
Ben Russell (Liverpool Harriers & AC, Senior)
Matthew Bennett (Southampton AC, Senior)
Ben Cole (Tonbridge AC, Senior)
Will Mackay (Bedford and County AC, Senior)
Russ Best (New Marske Harriers Club, Senior)
Shane Robinson (Lincoln Wellington AC, Senior)
Tom Straw (Lincoln Wellington AC, Senior)
Kevin Loundes (Manx Harriers, Senior)
Danny Russell (Highgate Harriers, Senior)
Jon Pepper (Brighton Phoenix, Senior)
Steven Bayton (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield, Senior)
Murray Strain (Highgate Harriers, Senior)
Dougie Selman (Corstorphine AAC, Senior)

Race 3 – 6.45pm

Christopher Greenwood (Kent AC, Master)
John Sanderson (Guildford & Godalming AC, Senior)
Dan Nash (East Cornwall Harriers, U23 Men)
Andy Greenleaf (Serpentine Running Club, Senior)
Stuart Spencer (Notts AC, Senior)
Ellis Cross (Aldershot Farnham & District, U23 Men)
William Mycroft (Enfield & Haringey A C, Senior)
Peter Lynch (Kilkenny City Harriers AC, U20 Men)
David Long (Bournemouth AC, U23 Men)
Liam Burthem (Liverpool Harriers & AC, U20 Men)
Oliver Mott (Cheltenham & County Harriers, Senior)
Thomas Hayes (Kilkenny City Harriers AC, Senior)
Darryl Hards (Brighton Phoenix, Senior)
Javier Casado Fernandez (Durango Kirol Taldea, Spain, Master)
Benjamin Douglas (Notts AC, Senior)
Tom Bains (Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield, U23 Men)
Paul Navesey (Crawley AC, Senior)
Ronnie Richmond (Bideford AAC, Senior)
Jonathan Cornish (Hercules Wimbledon AC, U23 Men)
Ed Banks (Birmingham Running Athletics & Triathlon Club, Senior)
Javier Fontaneda (Durango Kirol Taldea, Spain, Master)
Joe Smith (Tipton Harriers, Senior)
Matthew Bidwell (City Of Norwich AC, Master)
Andrew Savery (Leamington Cycling & AC, Senior)
Josh Davis (North Somerset AC, Senior)
Jason Cherriman (Leeds City AC, Senior)
Victor Mound (Highgate Harriers, U23 Men)
James Hoad (Bedford & County AC, Senior)
Jordan Bell (Blackhill Bounders, U23 Men)
Anthony Johnson (Kent AC, Senior)

Race 2 – 6pm

Mike Burrett (Leeds City AC, Senior)
James Laing (Hillingdon AC, Senior)
Josh Stone (Lincoln Wellington AC, Senior)
Ryan Evans (South London Harriers, Senior)
Jonathan Laybourn (Highgate Harriers, Senior)
Thomas Straughan (Morpeth Harriers & AC, Senior)
Jonathan Escalante-Phillips (Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Senior)
Seamus Lynch (Newcastle & District AC, Senior)
Belal Ahmed (Hercules Wimbledon AC, Senior)
Michael Sawrey (Stockport Harriers & AC, Senior)
Adam Kirk-Smith (London Heathside, Senior)
Tom Crouch (St Albans Striders, Senior)
Rob McTaggart (Bournemouth AC, Senior)
Paul Piper (West 4 Harriers, Senior)
Daniel Robinson (BRAT, Senior)
Colin Snook (Cornwall AC, Master)
William New (Cheltenham & County Harriers, Senior)
Simon Coombes (Herne Hill Harriers, Master)
Thomas Wright (Bexley AC, U23 Men)
Tommy Trees (Reading AC, U23 Men)
David Emery (Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club, Senior)
Michael Wilesmith (Guernsey Island AAC, Senior)
Matthew Lalor (Barlick Fell Runners, Senior)
Jim Cooper (Harrow AC, Master)
Davide Covolo (Serpentine Running Club, Senior)
Angus Holford (Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies, Senior)
Declan Power (Clonliffe Harriers AC, Master)

Race 1 – 5pm

Tom Willner-Reid (Highgate Harriers, Senior Men)
Tristan Robilliard (Guernsey Island AAC, Senior Men)
Elliot Hind (Leighton Buzzard AC, Senior Men)
Anthony Meenaghan (Holme Pierrepont Running Club, Senior Men)
Axel Manzano (Good Gym, Senior Men)
Svenja Abel (Highgate Harriers, Senior Women)
Louise Perrio (Guernsey Island AAC, Senior Women)
Hannah Viner (Highgate Harriers, U23 Women)
Ashley Scott-Wilson (Highgate Harriers, Senior Women)
Claire Somerton (Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Senior Women)
Alex Eykelbosch (Dacorum & Tring AC, U23 Women)
Hannah Oldroyd (Saltaire Striders, Senior Women)
Michelle Sandison (Springburn Harriers, Master (F))
Rebecca Hall (Corby AC, Senior Women)
Lucy Holt (City of Stoke AC, U20 Women)
Nicole Taylor (Tonbridge AC, U23 Women)
Karen Shimmin (Manx Harriers, Senior Women)
Leigh James (London Heathside Runners AC, Senior Women)
Alex Percy (Wreake Runners, U20 Male)
Andrew Collins (Highgate Harriers, U23 Male)
Max Bontoft (Serpentine Running Club, Senior Men)