Selection policy for Loughborough International announced

England Athletics will aim to field the best possible Senior team at the Loughborough International on Sunday 21 May.

The primary aim of selections for the Senior team will be to contribute to the development of potential Commonwealth Games 2018 athletes via way of exposure to international competition and environment. The secondary purpose of the selections will be to enable the best athletes in England to compete internationally.

Given the statements above selection will be made from consideration of;

  1. Current form (including indoor competition since January 2017 where this is applicable)
  2. Form from 2016. Coaches and Senior athletes wanting to be considered from 2016 performance marks must give any relevant current information.
  3. Commonwealth Games potential will only be judged and applied where there is an unclear selection based on 1. and 2. and in the selectors opinion exposure to an international environment would benefit their development
  4. Senior Athletes with minimal 2016 and indoor 2017 form are likely to have to show some early season performance to gain consideration.

Selection is currently planned for Tuesday 9th May.

Any Senior athlete or coach is encouraged to register their interest in selection by contacting one of the following selectors or contact Team Manager Andy Day