#RunAndTalk podcast: Discussing the impact of mental health in running clubs

We are thrilled to share with you the launch of the #RunAndTalk podcast which has been created and hosted by Andrew Ball, a Mental Health Champion and Mental Health First Aid Trainer. The first episode features Hannah Hughes from Fareham Running Club, with the second episode featuring Simon Lynch from Newburn Running Club.

Episode 1

Hannah has gone from being the last child picked for teams at school to running countless races. Her running journey started in adulthood when she was going through a difficult time and she was looking for a release.

“I got into running just by going through a tricky time in my life and kind of just wanted to do something for charity, but I saw quite quickly how much of a positive impact it was having on my mental health and just my being. I thought that this is something that I really enjoy doing and have kept on doing.”

Listen now to hear more about her running story and how taking part in the first #RunAndTalk Foodbank Run which her running club instigated has supported her mental health.

Episode 2

In episode two, we chat to Simon Lynch, founder and Chair of Newburn Running Club in the North East of England. Simon started running on his own and having achieved a 5k and 10k, he decided he wanted to join a local running club.

“I went down that night and the anxiety levels were so high; I’ve never experienced anything like it. I sat in the car park and saw all these people arriving for the session and I sat there, and I sat there, and I sat there, and I drove off. I couldn’t do it the anxiety levels were so high.”

Following this first experience, he went back to the club and met the members and discovered they were all friendly. Having led some Couch to 5k courses, Simon wanted to setup a club to bridge the gap between the course and a traditional running club, hence Newburn Running Club was born.

The club started during lockdown as a community supporting each other through the difficult circumstances. Since then, the club has grown in number, but the ethos remains the same, as was brought to light recently during the challenging time following the death of one of their members.

Listen now to hear Simon’s running story and how #RunAndTalk creates a supportive community at Newburn Running Club.