Results of the 2021 Regional Council Elections

Following the conclusion of the nomination process for the 2021 Regional Council elections, we are delighted to confirm that those candidates who submitted nominations in the nine England Athletics regions have been elected to the following Regional Councils. They are as follows:


  • Trevor Bunch [formerly co-opted]
  • David Cripps [new]
  • Paul Pickard [re-elected]
  • Matthew Witt [formerly co-opted]

East Midlands

  • Jemma Arbon [re-elected]
  • Timothy Caldwell [new]
  • Jane Pidgeon [re-elected]
  • Karl Ponty [new]
  • Denise Timmis [formerly co-opted]


  • Michael Bond [new]
  • Paul Miller [new]
  • Mark Purser [re-elected]

North East

  • Russell Dickinson-Deane [re-elected]
  • Janice Kaufman [re-elected]
  • Harry Matthews [new]
  • Kevin Johnson [new]

North West

  • Lucy Evans [new]
  • Clare Mallon [new]
  • Dennis Wall [new]
  • Shelby Williams [new]

South East

  • Barry Hopkins [new]
  • Stuart Horsewood [new]
  • Kay Reynolds [new]

South West

  • Phil Lucker [new]
  • Elliot Prince [new]

West Midlands

  • Jasmine Al-Daftary [new]
  • Kevin Oakes [new]

Yorkshire & Humberside

  • John Curry [re-elected]
  • William Eldridge [re-elected]
  • Janita Maaranen [re-elected]
  • Becky Penty [new]


Click here for the full make-up of the nine elected regional councils - each council, in its new guise, will recommence duties over the coming weeks. More information, including meeting dates and confirmation of chairpersons, will follow in due course.

Regional councillors are elected to represent their local athletics and running community. Becoming a regional councillor is both a rewarding and privileged role with the unique opportunity to help shape the sport for the benefit of their clubs and members, both now and in the future.

Regional councils provide a vital link between satisfying the specific needs and priorities of their local members and athletics clubs whilst contributing to the overall future health and success of athletics and running as a sport.