Redway Runners: A club for the community

Joining a running club isn’t only about chasing a new time, it is about joining a community of likeminded people, enjoying running together as one. This is something South East Club of the Year Redway Runners really emphasise to all of their members.

Based in Milton Keynes, the club started out in 2011 and now has over 2700 members, something which Chair and founder Martin and the rest of the committee are very passionate about.

“It is a fantastic honour for the club to win Club of the Year, it really represents the great work of the volunteers. When you join the club, you are part of the community, and we have something for everyone.”

Costing just £5 per year, the club is not only incredible value for money, but a fun and social way to enjoy running, as Anette explained:

“We welcome a variety of paces which really brings everyone together. There are over 30 beginners sessions each year supporting people from zero to 5k. We have blind runners, guide runners, track nights as well as opportunities to head off-road and explore. We run a ramble session a couple of times a month so those who are injured can still get involved.”

It is not just about supporting those in the local area to get into running, it is also about giving back to the community and charities close to their hearts whether through food bank donations, litter picking or financial donations. “Each year we have a charity of the year voted for by our members,” explained Martin. “Currently it is the Thames Valley Air Ambulance as one of our members needed their support earlier this year.

“Throughout the club everyone works to raise money for the charity of the year. All profits from our events and races we do go towards that. We have raffles, a Christmas advent calendar and it all brings the club together. We have an event in December, the Santa Saunter, where we can bring in children and families as it is only a mile and enables everyone to run together.”

As well as helping the charity financially, the club has also supported their members in first aid upskilling, arranging for all the Run Leaders to become CPR trained and purchasing their own CPR dolls after a member sadly collapsed and passed away when out running.

What a fantastic club to be a part of, and congratulations to Redway Runners on becoming the South East Club of the Year for 2023!