Podcast #57: Javelin thrower Bekah Walton's Olympic and engineering dreams

UK javelin champion Bekah Walton joins the England Athletics Podcast to talk about her dream of becoming both an Olympian and an engineer.

The 24-year-old, who threw within touching distance of 60 metres during the 2023 season, explains about the role of her mum, her dog and netball in propelling her athletics career.

"I initially joined Burton Athletics Club as a teenager because I wanted to get faster at sprints for netball," she says. "I was a really good thrower based on very novice beginnings. I could throw a ball really far for my dog.

"My mum knew who Tessa Sanderson was, knew who Fatima Whitbread was, Steve Backley, all of these greats. She knew about the event because of these people and if you had a talent for throwing things far, that javelin would be really great," she adds. "I think that shows you the power of influential people in athletics."

Bekah's mum has continued to play a vital supportive role, particularly since her dad sadly passed away in 2020, helping her deal with the emotional side of the sport that you don't often see on the TV screen.

"It is hard being a javelin thrower," she admits. "My mum hears my meltdowns regularly, like financially, can I afford to do this?"

Walton describes the day she smashed her personal best at the European Athletics Team Championships to finish third overall in a Great Britain vest, launching the javelin to 59.76. She also talks about what the sport has given her as a person and her decision to write in a diary during competitions after being inspired by Olympic silver medallist high jumper Nicola Olyslagers. 

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Photo: Getty Images for UK Athletics

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