Podcast #35: Jess Mayho and Hannah Cockroft

In the latest England Athletics Podcast, Jess Mayho discusses her rise to become a two-time British hammer champion, while seven-time Paralympic gold medallist Hannah Cockroft talks us through the beginnings of her journey in the sport.

Two-time British hammer champion Jess Mayho discusses the incredible rise that has seen her go from being a 62-metre thrower in 2018 to 69 metres last season, giving her aspirations of success on the international stage. Jess Mayho first won the British title in 2019:

"It was brilliant, it was a moment that you are not going to forget, but I want more of them."

Jess talks of being in 'good company' as fellow athletes like Tara Simpson-Sullivan progress well alongside her.

"The depth in women's hammer throwing now is really extensive - that's brilliant - it makes all of us not become complacent. Hopefully, to get the opportunity to go to a Commonwealth Games - and it be a home one - that would be just incredible."

Also in this episode, seven-time Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft talks us through the very beginnings of her journey in the sport as part of a feature that will continue across England Athletics social media platforms in the coming months. Hannah explains the freedom she got from discovering wheelchair racing.

"I lived a childhood of always hating wheelchairs so I tried to walk everywhere that I could. Walking meant that I was constantly attached to an adult or a friend, I was always holding someone's hand, I was always asking for help. When I got in the race chair, I could just go. I was independent. I didn't have to ask for help from anyone around me." -

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Photo by Mark Shearman