Podcast #33: European gold has Charlie Carvell dreaming of Commonwealth Games

In this episode, you will hear from a teenage runner dreaming of a place at the Commonwealth Games, with his Telford Athletics Club hoping to benefit from next summer's event being nearby in Birmingham.

17-year-old Charlie Carvell fell off his bike and broke his arm during lockdown, which prompted the footballing talent to take athletics more seriously. He won European junior 4x400m relay gold in his first competition abroad and has now been named in British Athletics' Olympic Futures Academy.

"I have the Commonwealth Games and the World Under 20s in mind. Me and (my coach) need to have a chat about which one we are really going to aim for but those two competitions are really in my mind at the moment."

Charlie Carvell's coach Stuart Hamilton said, "I don't believe in working young athletes too hard, too early. Charlie won't be at his best until he's 24, 25 so it's no good burning him out now. It's just (about) trying to bring him on and to enjoy himself working with the group."

Charlie's mum Lucy added, "It's fantastic just watching him and seeing the reward he gets from all the training and hard work he puts in."

You'll also hear from Gary Shaughnessy, the new Chair of England Athletics on his background in community sport, his quest to raise awareness of Parkinsons, and his vision for track and field.

"Sport at its best can help us realise and celebrate the differences that individuals have. My ambition is that we do everything we can to make sure that we operate and realise that potential."

This comes as England Athletics has launched its 'Journey to 2022' campaign to celebrate a wide range of individuals in the sport ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

"The 2012 Olympics, we had a massive influx of children coming to athletics. I think we doubled the membership of the club at the time. It's just a question of making the most of it. The facility we are going to have at Birmingham is going to be fantastic so that should encourage everybody." - Telford coach Stuart Hamilton hopes the club will benefit from the Commonwealth Games being in the Midlands next summer.

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