Podcast #23: Mental health in depth with Jack Green, Joe Fuggle and Darcey Kuypers

Episode #23 of the England Athletics podcast: In our latest episode, athletes Jack Green, Joe Fuggle and Darcey Kuypers join us for an in-depth discussion on mental health, covering everything from pressure to burnout and comparison to wellbeing within the sport.

Jack is a two-time Olympian and long-time advocate for speaking out about depression. "I missed a medal by two hundredths of a second and it was the first time I'd stepped off the track and was incredibly proud of myself and everything I'd done and it showed how far I'd come on my journey that I could technically lose or fail, as I would have seen it before, and be really happy with my performance." - Jack opens up on mental health in the latest England Athletics Podcast.

Joe is an English Schools'-winning 400m hurdler who recently founded a platform called 'The Athlete Place', aimed at improving mental health. "It was something that happened because I didn't quite get the balance right between sport and the other things that are important in life. That then took its toll on my mental health." - Joe Fuggle talks about experiencing burnout as a young hurdler in the latest England Athletics Podcast.

Darcey, who runs an Instagram page called 'Not Just Physical', is an international sprinter who has battled with anxiety disorders from a young age. "I struggled a lot when I started running faster than I had been, when I started running in finals, placing in the medals and getting my England vest. I just couldn't really deal with everyone looking at made me very anxious...sometimes I would think about that more than my actual race." - Darcey Kuypers discusses dealing with expectation as a young athlete.

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