Podcast #22: Crowdfunding delight for Harry Hughes plus our Covid-19 update

Episode #22 of the England Athletics podcast: In our latest episode, you will hear a chat with British javelin thrower Harry Hughes. The 23-year-old says he is 'blown away' by public support after successfully raising £5,000 through crowdfunding to pay for surgery on his elbow. ""I actually can't believe that this many people are being this generous. I was completely blown away!"  Last year the Mark Roberson-coached athlete became the first Brit to throw a javelin over 80 metres since 2012, but he has had to overcome a number of injuries and get used to having screws in his elbow. Harry - who runs a fishing equipment business alongside his brothers - believes the funds will allow him to continue his career, with high hopes for 2021.

Alongside that, England Athletics' Head of Coaching and Athlete Development Martin Rush, and Competition Partnerships and Innovation Manager, Nichola Skedgel provide a coronavirus update, looking back on how 2020 has gone, discussing guidelines and looking ahead to plans for cross country and indoor competitions over the next six months. Martin explained, "We are looking at cross country, looking at the pilots that are coming up, we are working hard with indoor venues and indoor guidance and we are looking to have an indoor competition season."

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