Play Fantasy Athletics with Roster at this weekend's Diamond League

Do you have what it takes to master the highs and lows of your very own personalised Fantasy Athletics team? Featuring top athletes from across the globe, Fantasy Athletics is a free game that puts you in the role of selector and manager of a team of athletes who score points based on their real-life performances.

Played via the Roster Athletics mobile app (iOS and Android), Fantasy Athletics is easy to set up and manage and allows you to play alongside thousands of other players and athletes across the world. You can interactively follow the event in real time, see how you stack up on the global leader board, play amongst just a group of your friends, or simply follow the meeting with real-time results and details.

The hardest part is deciding who is worthy of getting in your team!

How to play

  • Roster’s Fantasy Athletics game is accessed via the Roster app
  • Once the app has been downloaded, players firstly select the competition, in this case the Müller Birmingham Diamond League, and then click on the ROSTER tab at the top
  • Players pick their team by selecting from the list of real-life athletes entered into that competition based on a budget prior to the event
  • Players score points based on the results of the athletes in their chosen team
  • Play against the global leader board or with just your friends using Roster Lobbies (see below)

Picking your team

  • The Organiser sets the total team budget, and the price of athletes are automatically computed by Roster based on an algorithm using their past results and other information. (Please note prices can only be calculated on verified PBs, if the athlete’s PB has not been verified they will be allocated the standard price)
  • Once the start lists are released, the user selects a team based on choosing an athlete for each category: Sprint Female, Sprint Male, Distance Female, Distance Male, Jump Female, Jump Male, Throw Female, and Throw Male - all making sure the user stays within the given budget. The user can also select a team captain who will score double points based on their result
  • The game will start at the start time of the first event for the competition, after this point users cannot change or edit their team

How do I score points?

  • Points are scored based on the result placing of each category, as well as bonus points for PB and SB
  • Please see the Game Rules in the app for more details (upper right corner three dots menu once inside a meeting)

How do I check my score?

  • To view the results for a meeting, go to the medal stand on the upper right-hand side of the ROSTER tab page. The top 100 players and scores are listed. Once the competition is over, you will be able to see each of the top 100 player’s team and athlete selections.

What are Lobbies?

Lobbies are groups of friends to play along with in your own private setting. Go to the LOBBIES tab in the app to see the list of your lobbies. You can create a new lobby or be invited into an existing lobby. To create a new lobby, press the plus symbol and enter in a new lobby name. Once you’ve created a lobby, you are the lobby owner and can share the lobby with your friends through the upper right-hand corner three dots settings menu.

In each of your private lobbies (groups), you can see the Fantasy RANKINGS within your group for the current meeting, as well the ability to CHAT.

Once created or joined, all your groups are automatically displayed for every meeting that has the Fantasy game enabled. To leave a lobby, go to the LOBBIES tab and the three dots setting and choose Leave Lobby.