Our Christmas (Ivanhoe) Robins sing the praises of athletics

Ivanhoe Robins Junior Athletics Club promote athletics to children in North West Leicestershire to help them find a pathway to bigger and better things in our sport. ​Currently the club has 140 members with 22+ on the waiting list, the majority of which are below 8 years old. With such a Christmassy club name the Robins were happy to help us out for our Advent calendar and their members' comments are no doubt reflected throughout England.

Quotes: It’s fun and enjoyable trying all the different factors of athletics and competing in competition. It’s fun as it’s really social and a good way to keep fit  Quotes: I love it because I meet new friends and also I’m keeping healthy. It helps me feel motivated and I can socialise with my friends.

Quotes: I really like competing and it’s fun. I like seeing my friends and winning medals. Quotes: I have learned to do more things. I have learned to do more things.

Quotes: I really like it and I enjoy doing the things that we do. I like how they teach us new things. Quote: It keeps me fit and healthy, as well as having a good time socially and talking with other athletes as well as coaches.

Quotes: I love competing and training and helping out on a Saturday. It’s fun and it gives you a lot of energy and it’s a lovely place to be to make new friends.Quotes: It is good for my fitness and enjoyable to do. It improves my fitness and helps with my social skills.

Quotes: It helps me a lot it’s fun and keeps me healthy. It’s fun and you learn new things.Quotes: I like javelin because I am very good at it and would like to improve. I learn new skills to share with friends and family.


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