Officials service achievement recognition scheme launched

England Athletics is proud to launch its ‘officials service achievement recognition scheme’ which celebrates the incredible talent, dedication, and hard work of this amazing volunteer community.

Officials will be recognised for their length of service to the sport of athletics across five, 10 and 20 years as a thank you for their support, time, and effort in ensuring athletes, coaches, event organisers, and spectators have an enjoyable experience at events across the country.

Badges for services to officiating image

The achievement and recognition badges which officials will receive depending on their length of service will be held by each County Official Secretary (COfSec).

Officials will be able to contact their COfSec to collect their service achievement badge either in-person, via a colleague or at an event.

Officials who qualified prior to 2009 are requested to inform their COfSec of the exact length of service so the database can be updated accordingly.

COfSecs do an incredible job in facilitating and supporting officials in their respective county, especially officials at Levels 1 and 2, and are the point of contact for all official-related matters.

Officials receiving their officiating services badges image

From seeking experiences to develop, assisting event organisers with providing officials, and supporting their county championships, the COfSec can provide guidance, support, facilitate mentoring, and resources to assist in the development of officials. 

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