New U18’s Steeplechase Heights

As of 1 April 2020 a new height requirement for Under 18 Men’s Steeplechase will come into effect introduced by World Athletics.

UKA are taking a phased approach to ensure venues have time to implement these adaptations. To support venues, guidance notes on how modifications should be completed are available on the UK Athletics website, or you can contact Ed Hunt, Facilities Manager at

TR23. (Rule 169) Steeplechase Races
23.5 The hurdles shall be 0.914m ± 0.003m high for Senior and U20 men’s events, 0.838m ± 0.003m high for U18 men's events and 0.762m ± 0.003m for women’s events and shall be at least 3.94m wide.
UKA supplement: Under 17 Men’s competitions will be held using the U18 Men’s hurdle specification.

Venues hosting key steeplechase events* during the 2020 season must make the relevant
modifications to their barriers ahead of the event date. To ensure compliance, the venue must
provide documented evidence of the modifications by email to England Athletics Facilities Manager Ed Hunt

For all other events, the rule will be in operation for the U17 age group from 1 April 2021. Again, documented evidence to confirm that barrier modifications have been carried out should be sent to England Athletics Facilities Manager Ed Hunt.