New EduCare Mental Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity Workshop

A new ‘Mental Wellbeing in Sport and Physical Activity' workshop is now available. This online course was written by EduCare in partnership with Jane Fylan, UK Athletics Duty of Care Lead, and is endorsed by Double Olympic Gold Medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes MBE’s 'The Running Mind' initiative.

It is aimed at those who participate in sport and their support networks such as leaders, coaches, club volunteers, family and medical support staff.

The course objectives are to:

  • gain a greater awareness of common mental health disorders and their prevalence
  • recognise some of the warning signs of common mental health disorders
  • have an increased understanding of how the pressures of sport can impact on mental health
  • understand the health benefits of participating in sport and physical activity
  • know what to do if you are concerned about someone
  • know how to promote mental wellbeing in sport.

The course costs £9.50.