New Club Matters webpages on raising funds!

For lots of clubs and groups, raising funds is key to helping cover the costs of everything from normal operating costs to special projects. To help sports clubs and groups better understand how income can be generated from their community and beyond, Club Matters from Sport England have developed three new webpages. These webpages cover how each method works, what kind of organisations might be eligible to use it and key things to think about. They also include examples, case studies and links to further information.

Increasing donations through Gift Aid

Gift Aid helps charities to claim extra money back on the donations they receive. Could your club or group be eligible? Click to find out more.

Community shares investment

Some organisations can sell shares to the community to help raise money and gain access to a pool of shareholders that really care. To help you decide if community shares might be right for your organisation, visit the new #ClubMatters webpage. Click to find out more.

Raising money through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a brilliant way for sports clubs and groups to raise additional funding. Find out more about how you can get your community involved and donating through a campaign. Click to find out more.