Movement Skills for Running, Jumping and Throwing Workshops

As part of the development of the Local Coach Development Programme (LCDP) and alignment to the Coach Education pathway, England Athletics have created three progressive workshops that are targeted to be suitable for everyone who is licensed with a Leadership in Running Fitness or Coaching Assistant qualification. Anyone who has a higher qualification who wishes to refresh their knowledge or people with an old Level 1 qualification are also welcome to attend.

Quality movement underpins all athletics events. Understanding what quality movement is, and being able to apply practical ideas to change movement competency is the first step on the coaching ladder. Martin Rush, Head of Coaching and Athlete Development, said “The Movement Skills workshops have been designed to support a better understanding of key fundamental movement patterns and physical preparation that are essential to help improve long term health and performance in running, jumping and throwing. From explosive events through to endurance events where movements are repeated many times over the course of training and competition this is an important area a coach needs to consider with their athletes of all abilities.
“These workshops will aid coaches to develop the coaching eye for where to look and what to look for when an individual moves.”

The sessions will be mainly practical and will cover the ‘what to coach’ content, pitched at a level between Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach awards for coaches looking to deepen their knowledge and build confidence to progress along the coach education pathway.

Qualified Leaders in Running Fitness will benefit by gaining an insight into movement, form and therefore injury avoidance.

The series of three workshops will be delivered across England from October 2015 to March 2016. Whilst the workshops are progressive in content, coaches will be able to book onto the workshops independent of one another. However, there are limited places for each workshop, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The workshop will be 75% practical so please bring suitable clothing i.e. trainers, shorts / tracksuit bottoms.

Whilst the workshops are practical in nature, we also advise that participants engage to their own ability levels and do not attempt activities that they cannot perform accurately.

A leaflet giving information on these events can be downloaded here.