Making life easier when deploying officials for events

England Athletics really want to improve the experience of officials and make life easier for people who deploy officials to competitions and events. One thing that could help is making it easier for people to find out what competitions there are, make themselves available, and be selected, withdraw or even replace someone else.

Other sports and charities do this using some great digital software (i.e. computer-based). We’d like to find out how and if these can help in our sport, so we are running a pilot / test project between October and March.

Test Pilots

We are currently looking at which system to test. But what we really need are a few willing test pilots!

We are ideally looking for anyone who receives official’s availability for competition and then allocates them to specific roles at Athletics or Running events or for series of events. We have a limited budget for this, meaning we only have a limited number of spaces available for people to take part in this exciting pilot.

What’s the Commitment?

At the moment, we think the commitment would be an initial meeting to discuss the functionality of the system, a commitment to try the system for upcoming events between October and March, as well as providing verbal and written feedback pre and post event. We’ll try and make it as easy as possible but we also know we need to find the right system and make the right adaptions so we really want people who are keen to be vocal, make suggestions and be a little flexible, as it’s a pilot.

Get Involved!

For further information or to offer to be a test pilot contact Nikki English, We would love to hear from you, if you would like to be involved.

Note: If we find that we are in the brilliant situation of having too many potential test pilots we’ll need to select based on getting a good cross-section of types of events and types of roles the test pilots do.