Making a difference in the sport… and loving it!

Last week saw a chance to celebrate the contributions of coaches and other volunteers in the sport as both Coaching Week and Volunteers’ Week were held. Athletics and running are built on the contributions of volunteers such as coaches, officials, club officers, event organisers and more. And these roles offering hugely rewarding experiences - here’s how you can get involved!

Throughout the year we offer coaching and officiating courses. As well as providing people with a qualification, and when they have the appropriate DBS check in place, a licence, these courses also give people the skills to start their journey as a coach or official.

Once people have their initial qualifications more development opportunities and further qualifications are also available.

People who are involved in an affiliated club are also able to access a discount on coaching courses that is available exclusively to affiliated athletics and running clubs. Simply speak to your club to find out how to take advantage of this.

Paul Moseley, Education and Workforce Manager for England Athletics, commented, “Without volunteers who are involved as coaches, officials and in other roles the sport would not be able to exist as it does.

“Coaching Week and Volunteers’ Week have highlighted not only how much people within the sport appreciate the efforts of the volunteers but also how much people love their volunteer roles. Being involved in the sport in a role such as coach, official, or club officer places you right at the heart of the sport. For people who love athletics and running this is a great place to be.

“When we see people who have gone through their initial qualification come back to do the next level it is great to hear how they are enjoying their role in the sport, the experiences that they have had and the difference it is making.

“It’s a real pleasure to be involved in this process – and away from delivering the qualification courses the tutors obviously also gain their own enjoyment from their volunteer roles in the sport.”