Make or update your Will free of charge

Peace of mind loved ones are looked after, and your money, property and possessions are going to the people and causes you care about.

The Personal Best Foundation has teamed up with The Will Guys to make writing or updating a Will straightforward and FREE for everyone across the England Athletics network. That includes affiliated athletes, runners, coaches, leaders, officials and volunteers.

Big life events often prompt us to think about our Will, like buying our first home, getting married and the birth of our first child. But often it’s another expense we can do without.

Sometimes it’s divorce or the death of a loved one that forces us to make or update our Will. But it can feel like a minefield.

So the Personal Best Foundation has partnered with The Will Guys to take away the worry. Their experts are all about easy-to-understand advice. They speak in plain English and write your tailor-made Will the same way.

What you can expect from The Will Guys

  • No-nonsense expert advice
  • A FREE basic single Will (saving you £126) with just £9.96 to pay for packaging and postage
  • Free Will registration with the National Will Register (saving you £30), ensuring your executor can easily find your Will when you have passed away
  • 50% discount on a basic single Will for partners and spouses (saving £63)

Why The Will Guys

The Will Guys are more than Will-making experts. They’re lovely people too. They share our values and those of the hundreds of organisations and charities that trust them to take care of their people and their Wills. And they’re generous with their knowledge before you even speak to them, with online guides and advice and answers to those questions about Wills most of us have.


Is it really free?

A single basic Will is free of charge – no strings attached! You just need to cover the cost of packaging and posting of £9.96. All The Will Guys hope is that if you feel you’ve received good service, you tell family and friends. They call it ‘one good deed for another’!

How old do I need to be?

Anyone over the age of 18 can have their Will written for free with The Will Guys.

Is this a time-limited offer?

No, it’s available all year round. But making or updating a Will is important, especially if you have children under 18 or your circumstances have changed since your last updated your Will.

If I use the service do I have to leave a gift in my Will to Personal Best Foundation?

While we hope you’ll consider helping change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people by leaving a gift in your Will to Personal Best Foundation, there is absolutely no pressure or obligation to do so.

Can I update my Will rather than write a new one?

Yes. The Will Guys always advise that you make a new Will when wanting to make an amendment to an existing Will. This ensures that any later additions are not lost or misunderstood.

Can I speak to The Will Guys before making a decision?

Of course. There are several ways you can get in touch with them.

Do I need to meet in person with The Will Guys?

All contact with your Will Writer is done via video call, so it doesn’t matter where you live in England.

How do I receive my Will?

Once you’re happy with your Will, it’ll be printed, bound and posted to you by your Will Writer. The Will Guys can offer a secure storage service at an additional annual fee and also register it free of charge with the National Will Register.

What doesn’t the service include?

  • Complex tax advice
  • The creation of discretionary trusts
  • Lasting powers of attorney
  • Any other complex issues over and above a basic simple Will

If you need any of these services, your Will writer will speak with you about any additional costs.

What do I do next if I want to take advantage of a free Will?

Simply get in touch with Brian Thompson, Zak Logue OR Amelia Rourke at The Will Guys. Brian, Zak and Amelia are Personal Best Foundation’s designated Will Writers.

  • If you’re affiliated to England Athletics, please quote reference EA100.
  • Are you a RunTogether member? Please quote reference RT100.