Lugano Trophy cancellation

Message received from the organisers of the  Lugano Trophy, which was one of our international opportunities for Race Walkers.

We are sorry to announce that the 17th edition of the Lugano Trophy – Memorial Mario Albisetti, scheduled in Lugano on Sunday, March 8, 2020, is cancelled for public health reasons. The deteriorating situation of the spread of coronavirus (COVID‐19) in Switzerland led the Federal Council yesterday to take the first steps to combat coronavirus infection.

These include a ban on events on the whole Swiss territory with more than 1'000 people present at the same time, while at the same time inviting the relevant cantonal authorities to assess the risk situation for public or private events with lower turnout. For this reason, we immediately contacted the cantonal doctor's office, presenting to him our assessment of the risks related to the organization of the Lugano Trophy competition and we received negative notice at the event.

The measures subsequently adopted by the Ticino State Council last night for the organization of events with a turnout of less than 1'000 people but with international participation, confirm the approach adopted and the conclusions to which the relevant cantonal authority has reached.

Given the international calendar of racewalking competitions, the Organizing Committee does not plan to re‐schedule the event on another date in 2020.