Loughborough International team 2017 announced

England Athletics are pleased to announce the team to compete at the Loughborough International match on Sunday 21st May. England will take on teams from Scotland, Great Britain & NI Juniors, Wales, Loughborough Students, and British Universities.

Last year saw England take victory once again, with an impressive winning record running over the past few years.

Among those in action for England are Joel Fearon (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Michael Khmel) who clocked 9.96 in the England Athletics Senior Championships and English record holder Jade Lally (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet, Coach: Andy Neal).

The team managers for the event are Alison Potts and Andy Day, with Martin Rush as overall Team Leader and Tony Hadley as Head Coach and Femi Akinsanya as Jumps Lead.

Each event also has a coach acting as team leader - with the intention of giving coaches opportunities to develop their skills, understanding and experience regarding the organisation and management of an international team.Jemma Oliver and Stuart Butler are the team physios.

Live streaming of the event will be available from Vinco at

The team is as follows:

100m Team leader (F): Alison Allee, (M): Jane Dixon
Joel Fearon (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Michael Khmel)
Corinne Humphreys (Club: Orion / East London Uni / Enfield & Haringey, Coach: Darren Braithwaite)

200m Team leader (F): Alison Allee. (M): Jane Dixon
Kieran Showler Davis (Club: Basingstoke & Mid Hants / Carson-Newman Uni, Coach: John Davis)
Cheriece Hylton (Club: Blackheath & Bromley, Coach: Ryan Freckleton)

400m Team leader: Marina Armstrong
Dwayne Cowan (Club: Hercules Wimbledon / Sale Harriers Manchester, Coach: Lloyd Cowan)
Mary Iheke (Club: Enfield & Haringey, Coach: Frank Adams)

800m Team leader (M): Nick Anderson, (F): Charlotte Fisher
Spencer Thomas (Club: Brighton Phoenix, Coach: Jon Bigg)
Alexandra Bell (Club: Pudsey & Bramley / Leeds Beckett Uni, Coach: Aaron Thomas)

1500m Team leader (M): Nick Anderson, (F): Charlotte Fisher
Robbie Fitzgibbon (Club: Brighton Phoenix, Coach: Jon Bigg)
Amy Griffiths (Club: Aldershot, Farnham & District / St. Mary's Uni, Coach: Mick Woods)

3,000m Team leader: David Lowes
Nick Goolab (Club: Belgrave / Thames Valley, Coach: Craig Winrow)
Naomi Taschimowitz (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet / UCL, Coach: Charlotte Fisher)

Steeplechase Team leader: Spencer Duval
Phil Norman (Club: Woodford Green Essex Ladies, Coach: Mark Brace)
Victoria Weir (Club: City of Plymouth / Birmingham Uni, Coach: Bud Baldaro)

110m / 100m Hurdles
David King (Club: City of Plymouth / Bath Uni / Sale Harriers Manchester, Coach: James Hillier)
Yasmin Miller (Club: Derby / South Bank, Coach: Robert Smith)

400m Hurdles Team leader: Marina Armstrong
Seb Rodger (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet, Coach: Stephen King)
Bethany Close (Club: Swansea / Bath Uni, Coach: Tony Hadley)

High Jump Team leader: Graham Ravenscroft
Mike Edwards (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Fuzz Caan)
Bethan Partridge (Club: Birchfield Harriers / Birmingham Uni, Coach: Fuzz Caan)

Long Jump Team leader: Kelly Sotherton
Ashley Bryant (Club: Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow / Brunel Uni, Coach: Aston Moore)
Danielle McGifford (Club: Wigan & District, Coach: Sharon-Louise Walls)

Triple Jump
Julian Reid (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Aston Moore)
Sinead Gutzmore (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: Aston Moore)

Pole Vault Team leader: Alan Richardson
Adam Hague (Club: Sheffield & Dearne / Sheffield Hallam Uni, Coach: Trevor Fox)
Jade Ive (Club: Sutton & District, Coach: Allan Williams)

Shot Team leader: Mark Chapman
Scott Lincoln (Club: City of York / Liverpool Harriers, Coach: Paul Wilson)
Rachel Wallader (Club: Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow, Coach: Richard Woodhall

Discus Team leader: Ivan Washington
Alan Toward (Club: Sheffield & Dearne / Northumbria Uni, Coach: Nick Ridgeon)
Jade Lally (Club: Shaftesbury Barnet, Coach: Andy Neal)

Javelin Team leader: Mick McNeill
Harry Hughes (Club: West Suffolk / Essex Uni / Newham & Essex Beagles, Coach: Michael McNeill)
Kike Oniwinde (Club: Enfield & Haringey, Coach: Michael McNeill)

Hammer Team leader: John Pearson
Chris Shorthouse (Club: Birchfield Harriers, Coach: John Pearson)
Jessica Mayho (Club: Birchfield Harriers / Sheffield Hallam Uni, Coach: Matt Lambley)

Team correct as of 12th May 2017