Loughborough International selection policy now online

England Athletics value the importance of competitive international opportunities for athletes and upcoming opportunities are as listed. The aim of selections for these teams will be to enable the best athletes in England to compete internationally. England Athletics will aim to field the best possible senior team at the Loughborough International.

Coaches and athletes wishing to be considered for selection should notify one of the selectors (listed in the policy) of their desire to compete prior to selection. To be considered for selection, athletes be eligible to compete for England (including being a full British passport holder).

Click here to download the full selection policy

Selection considerations

  • Current outdoor form
    Outdoor form from 2018. Coaches and athletes wanting to be considered from 2018 performance marks must give any relevant current information.
  • Indoor form from 2019 (where applicable)
    Athletes with minimal 2018 and indoor 2019 form are likely to have to show some early season performance to gain consideration.

Relay selection process

  • A team will be selected for Men’s and Women’s relays (4 x 100m and 4 x 400m).
  • Individual 100m and 400m selections will be automatically added to the 4 x 100m and 4x400m relay teams respectively.
  • All other athletes will be selected based on the usual criteria (current form/head-to-heads/season best, etc.)

All selections will be made on Thursday 9 May.