LET’S MOVE with the Shokz One-Million-Minute Challenge

Shokz launch the One-Million-Minute Challenge, challenging the UK, France, and Germany to come together and register 1,000,000 minutes of exercise before 8th October 2022.

Video: LET’S MOVE with the Shokz One-Million-Minute Challenge (YouTube)

Official Headphone Partner of England Athletics, Shokz has launched a fresh, new, and exciting competition to ensure we stay active: the One-Million-Minute Challenge.

Once all three countries have registered a combined 1m minutes, entrants could be in with the chance of winning some fantastic Shokz prizes.

  • 1st Prize Full set of Shokz products + gift pack (worth £700)
  • 2nd Prize OpenRun Pro + gift pack (worth £190)
  • 3rd Prize OpenMove + gift pack (worth £110)

Shokz second and third prizes

As the weather begins to turn cooler and days shorter, Shokz are encouraging people across the UK, France, and Germany to keep active and stay fit.

So, strap up those running shoes, get some tunes on and go get those minutes! Just don’t forget to enter them.

The One-Million-Minute Challenge is easy to enter. All you need to do to enter is record your exercise duration before 8 October 2022 on the Shokz website to qualify.

How to enter

  • Enter your name and email
  • Enter your exercise duration
  • Upload proof – this can be a screenshot from Strava, Nike Run Club, or whatever platform you use.

We’d also love to see a photo

Whether you register 5 or 500 minutes, we do not care! You can choose whatever sport you like! We just encourage you to keep having fun, staying healthy and trying your best.

#MoveWithShokz — Share your sports moments with Shokz and record your active life.

Terms and conditions

Participants with individual exercise time of 90 mins or more are eligible for the prize draw. Individual duration of exercise could be accumulated via each submission. Winners of different prizes will be chosen randomly. Campaign period: 24th September - 8th October. The final interpretation of the campaign is owned by Shokz. Campaign entry area is limited to the official website of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you have any other questions, please contact the after-sales team at: