Lawley Running Club start their funetics journey

The impact of funetics on the local community

Whether your club currently has a junior section, or you are considering opening your doors to young people, funetics is the perfect place to start just as Lawley Running Club in Shropshire have done.

The start of the funetics journey

Lawley Running Club started their journey of delivering funetics in early 2023, initially with just three children. Since then, they have experienced remarkable growth and now welcome between 12 and 20 children to their sessions each week! By implementing funetics, the club has not only increased their capacity but have played an important part in helping to transform children’s lives from the local area.

Supporting the local community

Their commitment to fostering a love for running and physical activity has ensured that children in a deprived area of Shropshire can lead a healthier and more active lifestyle now and in the future. To make their vision a reality, the club successfully applied for external funding to ensure that they could keep the session costs at a nominal fee or even free.

funetics improving fitness whilst having fun

Of course, fun is one of the key principles of funetics, but as children engage in our activities they will ultimately also be improving their fitness as was the case for Child A (“Kate”).

Before joining Lawley Running Club, Kate was feeling unmotivated towards sports and struggled with both running and sports events. Often coming last in her races at school, Kate was struggling with confidence which not only affected her self-esteem but also her physical health. Looking for a solution, the child’s parents learned of Lawley’s funetics programme through a local community newsletter. Intrigued about the structured and fun approach to teaching the fundamental movement skills, they signed her up.

Kate began her funetics journey with the basic exercises and skill building activities improving her techniques led by qualified coaches who boosted her confidence. As she progressed through the programme she really began to flourish physically and socially as she interacted and had fun with the other children.

Since beginning her journey early in 2023, Kate has now been attending funetics sessions for over 6 months and has seen such an improvement physically, socially, and mentally.

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