Latest podcast - Alex Bell on taking positives from 2020

Episode #19 of the England Athletics podcast: With plans postponed including her wedding day, 800 metre runner Alex Bell talks about the positives she can take from 2020. The Commonwealth finalist also reflects on the agony faced over selection and funding and says she hopes her efforts will be a "brick in the wall" when it comes to changing the sport. Away from the sport, the Pudsey and Bramley athlete shares her experience of being a volunteer special constable in the police. "I'll do whatever I can this year to just keep comparing and just making sure I'm on my track and as long as we're working on something that's got to be a positive."

Meanwhile, England Athletics' Andy Anstey joins host Alex Seftel to discuss an exciting set of virtual competitions on offer, including the chance to create your own challenge with friends in different places.

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Photo of Alex Bell by Matthew Quine