Inspiring inclusion in athletics and running: International Women’s Day 2024

Our vision is for athletics and running to become an inclusive sport where everyone belongs and can flourish, so this International Women’s Day we want to inspire inclusion! We want to welcome everyone to participate and fulfil their potential. Let’s come together to celebrate the women in all roles of our sport, look back at the progress that has been made and how we can move forward to inspire the next generation of female athletes and leaders.

ChairWOMAN: Elaine Forrest on gender equality in sports leadership

Elaine is the Chair of Brentwood Beagles, amongst many other roles in athletics, including being the mum of two enthusiastic young female middle distance runners. She has challenged stereotypes of women in leadership by pushing back on other people’s perceptions and focusing on getting things done.

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Amy Thompson: Celebrating the achievements of women in athletics

Amy ThompsonAmy Thompson is the UK number one F41 shot putter and as an U20 athlete, she has already achieved a lot in athletics. We caught up with her to discus the importance of having role models like herself to aspire towards and strong self-belief as a tool to overcome obstacles.

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Pioneers of women’s athletics in the UK

Watching athletics on the world stage now makes you wonder if the men’s and women’s events were always integrated and received the same visibility. Let’s look back at the archives to see how men’s and women’s athletics became what they are today and celebrate the progress for equality in our sport, accelerated by the formation of the Women’s Amateur Athletic Association.

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Personal Best Foundation Ambassadors inspiring the next generation of young female athletes

The Personal Best Foundation was created to help open the door to opportunities through the power of athletics and put a world of possibilities at the feet of the most disadvantaged children and young people in England. The charity’s ambassadors, Fatima Whitbread MBE OLY, Donna Fraser OBE OLY and Marilyn Okoro OLY, are all working to inspire inclusion both in athletics and beyond.

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