Help to boost club membership with RunTogether

Would your club like to further increase membership? RunTogether groups have been created by England Athletics to promote fun, friendly supportive and inclusive running opportunities. There are over 1700 Run Together groups of which a number of England Athletics affiliated clubs have now launched a RunTogether group to help boost the number of runners joining their club.

Longstanton Limpers based in Cambridgeshire have used RunTogether to promote sessions to those new to running, as well as sessions for more experienced runners, and have benefited from a rapid growth in membership. The club set up a page on the Run Together website and used the Run Leader App which then provides the group leader with access emergency contact information.

Speaking about the benefits of RunTogether, Longstanton Limpers Run Leader Lizz Not Mayers commented “It’s good because you can include a map of your meeting location and give people a feel for the friendliness of our club. Over the past 2 years we have gone from a small group of social runners who met semi-regularly to a large group meeting twice a week and attending lots of events together. Since attending the LiRF course and setting up our Run Together page the number of people coming to our beginners courses has massively increased, and what’s really nice is that lots of our beginners who complete the beginners course then sign up to become members and are still running with us regularly”.

If your club are looking to increase membership and would like to find out more about setting up a RunTogether group linked to your club then please visit: