Game Changers funding now open

Today we launch the third round of funding of our successful Game Changers programme: a funding and support package available for your club or group to support you to recruit new volunteers. This is funded by our partnership with Spirit of 2012 for our Team Spirit programme.

The funding is open to all affiliated clubs, RunTogether groups, and Athletics Associations / Networks or external organisations that work with affiliated clubs in England. Our first two funding rounds have awarded funding to a wide range of projects, all supporting volunteers from 14-25 years of age to take up a volunteering opportunity.

For our third round, we are keen to receive applications from clubs and groups that are looking to make volunteering accessible for people there might normally be barriers for. In particular, we would love to award funding to projects that seek to recruit and support volunteers*:

  • With disabilities, of any age
  • From a BAME background, of any age
  • From a low-socio economic background, of any age
  • Volunteers aged between 14-25

Volunteering has huge benefits, but we know that there can be barriers, including costs, knowledge of what opportunities there are and support to take part. This project aims to remove those barriers, supporting you to not only increase capacity and have more help at the club, but also to create positive and worthwhile volunteering experiences for people who might not normally be able to access them.

We’ve so far awarded funding to over 23 clubs, who have recruited nearly 200 volunteers. Exeter Harriers joined the programme this year and recruited 10 volunteers, all club athletes, to help to increase capacity at the club. The Game Changers supported coaches in delivering sessions for participants with Down’s Syndrome and it’s had a huge impact on the Game Changers who have been so grateful to have the support to access the opportunities and to give something back to the club.

Sounds good, how do we apply?

As a first step, download and read the Information for Applicants document.  We recommend you discuss this with a member of your club or group committee. Alternatively, you can contact your local Club Support Manager for more information. If you agree you’d like to apply, please fill out the Expression of Interest form and send to

Upon receipt of this, we’ll be in touch with you within 3 working days to discuss your application further, and to share the application pack.

Please note, all completed applications must be received by us no later than 5pm on Monday 22nd October. We recommend that Expression of Interest forms are completed and submitted by Monday 8 October, allowing time for completion of application forms.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us on


*If you have identified another under-represented group that you would like to support into volunteering, please do still send over an Expression of Interest form.