funetics comes to Lewisham

Commonwealth Legacy programme expanded to Lewisham

Commencing September 2023, with a full-time funetics Activator, the funetics programme will be rolled out in the London Borough of Lewisham across schools, communities, and partners (leisure, sport and health operators) for all children at Key Stage 1 & 2.   

funetics is England Athletics’ primary-age athletic programme building on the fundamental skills of running, jumping, and throwing for every child in every environment. The programme supports schools, clubs, and community organisations, providing training, equipment, and resources to empower delivery providers to confidently and competently deliver physical literacy in hyper-local settings.

This programme expansion is made possible with the support of Sport England and aims to provide children in Lewisham with an opportunity to build on their fundamental movement skills, but more importantly to give them the opportunity to start and stay in athletics. Access to activities will be possible via funetics satellite centres, after-school sessions and local track and field clubs, at affordable prices and in most cases free of charge.

funetics has partnered with the Personal Best Foundation to extend its reach in the Lewisham area to children most in need, providing after-school provision of athletics satellite centres.

A year on from the Commonwealth Games and an incredibly successful year in Birmingham and the West Midlands, funetics is proud to be expanding its Legacy project into new areas. Through our innovation and fun-filled approach, we aim to inspire and provide opportunities for children to foster a love for sports and physical activity.

To partner with the funetics team or to find out about how to access sessions, contact:


funetics is created by England Athletics to help 4-11 year old children across the country to learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing skills all year round, for a healthy confident future.