English officials selected for the 2024 World Indoor Athletics Championships in Glasgow

We are proud to announce and congratulate many of our highly skilled technical officials who have been selected for the 2024 World Indoor Athletics Championships being held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

The large number of technical officials selected from England is a reflection of the high standard of officiating provided by our officials week in week out at events across all parts of the country and demonstrates how valued England Athletics technical officials are.

A talented team of 60 England Athletics officials have been selected for the event - and this includes officials with a wide range of experience and ages; from those with experience of many major events over the years to those appearing at their first international major event as a technical official.

Kenny Ebanks first got involved in officiating when he volunteered as an athlete steward for the World Indoors in Birmingham in 2003.

Getting selected for Glasgow 24 is another landmark in my officiating journey.  After I retired from playing Rugby) I did my officiating course in 2007 and progressed through the levels becoming level 4 in 2018. I feel proud, and I'm delighted that 20 years later I've been appointed as a NTO at another World Indoor Championships that's being held in the UK.

A lifelong fan of the sport, Kamil Winogrodzki never looked back since he began athletics officiating, and says he regrets he didn't start sooner.

Being selected as a Field Judge for the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships is an absolute honour and privilege. It's my first major appointment and it took some hard-work, commitment and dedication to get here but I'm thrilled for the opportunity and simply can't wait!

It's a fantastic way of getting involved with the sport and see it from behind the stage. It's an interesting, rewarding and inspiring hobby and other officials are very friendly and welcoming. If you like athletics you should definitely give it a go!

It will be a great event for all of those involved and everyone at England Athletics would like to wish each of the selected officials all the best and hope they have an amazing time at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow.


Competition DirectorChris Cohen
Meeting ManagerLinda Turner
Chief Field JudgeLis Henderson
Chief Field JudgePaul Smith
Chief Field JudgeDean Williams
Combined Events RefereeHeather Nelson
Field JudgeChris Apsey
Field JudgeCraig Birch
Field JudgeJames Colling
Field JudgeEmily Craven
Field JudgeJulie Dew
Field JudgeKevin Diedrick
Field JudgeFiona Hancock
Field JudgeRachel Kerr
Field JudgeJack Lambert
Field JudgeChris Lawrence
Field JudgeAlan Morris
Field JudgeTom Smeeton
Field JudgeSue Smith
Field JudgeJames Townend
Field JudgeRob Walker
Field JudgeArwel Williams
Field JudgeElaine Williams
Field JudgeKamil Winogrodzki
Chief Track JudgeAlison Jordan
Chief UmpireDave Watson
Umpire / Track JudgeMalcolm Charlish
Umpire / Track JudgeSue Grime
Umpire / Track JudgeLewis Makey
Umpire / Track JudgeNoel Mckakly
Umpire / Track JudgeJane Pidgeon
Umpire / Track JudgeJulie Roe
Start coordinator Mark Purser
Starter Alan Bell
Starter Margaret Werrett
Chief Starter AssistantMatt Bartlett
Chief Starter AssistantLesley Minervini
Chief Starter AssistantWendy Kane
Technical Team MemberJohn Askew
Technical Team MemberAndy Hulse
Technical Team MemberSteve Marshall
TimekeeperJohn Barwick
TimekeeperColin Palmer
TimekeeperAdie Pottinger
Photofinish JudgeMark Delgado
Call Room ManagerSara Fletcher
Call Room JudgeJohn Driscoll
Call Room JudgeIan Friend
Call Room JudgeIndia Hollingworth
Call Room JudgeStuart Paul
Call Room JudgeJanet Smith
Call Room JudgeSian Thomas
Call Room JudgeJerry Watson
Call Room JudgeClive Young
TIC ManagerBarbara Abbott
TIC OfficialKen Burkett
TIC OfficialSally Delgado
TIC OfficialKenny Ebank
TIC OfficialAlison Friend
Post-Event ManagerJackie Breslin
Post-Event JudgeConor Bennett