English Cross Country Association Annual Open Meeting and Agenda

The 15th Annual Open meeting of the English Cross Country Association will be held on Thursday 12 May, at the Smart Aston Ct Hotel, Midland Rd, Derby DE1 2SL (near Derby Railway Stn). All Clubs affiliated to England Athletics for cross country running are eligible to attend and vote. The meeting will start at 11am.

The Annual Open meeting is empowered to:

  • elect Officers.
  • elect up to 6 members of the General Committee, note although the General Committee consists of up to 18 members, at least 1/3 of the Committee is up for election each year.
  • receive the current financial statement.
  • appoint auditors.
  • consider any proposed changes to the Constitution.
  • consider any other matters of which due notice has been given.

The Officers will be elected for a three-year term of office with one Officer retiring each year.
The current Officers are:

* Honorary Secretary: Ian Byett
* Honorary Treasurer: Richard Inchley
* Chairman: John Temperton

The Honorary Treasurer will stand down this year and offer himself for re-election.

Nominations for places on the General Committee and/or Honorary Treasurer will be accepted in writing or by personal e-mail and any other Proposals for business to be conducted must be received by the Hon Sec ( email ) by Thursday 13th April. Each affiliated organisation to England Athletics is entitled to one vote at the Annual Open meeting, no postal votes or proxies are permitted with the terms of the constitution.