England Athletics U18 team raise their standards at the England Throws Camp Throws Fest

England Athletics sent a team of selected Under 18 athletes to compete at the England Throws Camp Throws Fest at Moulton College which took place on 4 and 5 September. The team took part in an U18 international competition featuring representation from England, Scotland, Wales, and Loughborough University.

Nick Ridgeon (England Athletics Event Group Lead - Throws) said:

"It was great to see a really successful Festival of throwing that gave young athletes a representative opportunity and many more a chance to set a compete at a high level and set a personal best.  It is an event we want to grow and bring in a wider international flavour. Thank you to the athletes, team captains (Zara Obamakinwa and Owen Merrett), personal coaches, supporters, team staff, plus the competition organisers and technical officials."


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Q means Qualifying round, F means Final, PB is Personal Best.


  • Rhys Allen (Q: 17.28, F: 18.64m PB)
  • Isaac Kambamda Delany (Q: 15.93m, F: 18.53m PB)
  • Donavon Capes (Q: 15.39m, F: 15.60m)
  • Omolola Kuponiyi (Q: 15.20m, F: 15.69m PB)
  • Cleo Agyepong (Q: 14.86m, F: 15.06m)
  • Lily Carlaw (Q: 13.96m, F: 14.67m PB)


  • Caden Uzoigwe (Q: 48.69m, F:50.55m PB)
  • Gabriel Lamb (Q: 50.97m, F: 44.85m)
  • Zara Obamakinwa (Q: 47.82m, F: 47.19m)
  • Lily Carlaw (Q: 33.95m, F: 40.07m)


  • Owen Merrett (Q: 67.27m, F: 69.52m)
  • Harry Rickets (Q: 59.20m, F: 64.94m PB)
  • Kai Barham (Q: 59.03m, F: 60.84m)
  • Lily Murray (Q: 52.41m, F: 55.19m)
  • Grace McDonald (Q: 50.87m, F: 51.11m)


  • Callum Taylor (Q: 64.36m, F: 67.26m PB)
  • Theo Spurrell (Q: 55.37m, F: 61.58m)
  • Aryan Padaruth (Q: 59.78m, F: 60.00m)
  • Sophie Hamliton (Q: 45.75m, F: 49.16m PB)
  • Eva Durand (Q: 43.78m, F: 47.71m PB)
  • Jemima Caldwell (Q: 44.12m, F: 42.17m)

England Throws Camps Throws Fest 2021 team

Javelin medallists (left to right): Jemima Caldwell (3rd), Sophie Hamliton (1st), Eva Durand (2nd), Theo Spurrell (2nd), Callum Taylor (1st), Aryan Padaruth (3rd)